Complete solution for honey :-
Ambrosia Enterprises is deeply engaged in delivering complete range of Natural Honey, Bulk Honey, Mustard Honey, Comb Honey, Bottle Jar Packed Honey, Jamun & Litchi Honey, Multi Flower Honey, Pure Honey, Premium Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Light Amber Honey, Antibiotic Free Honey and many more.

Bee Hives

  Wooden Beehives -
Our complete portfolios of Wooden Beehives consist is a wooden box that can be easily used to keep the bees for induced living and raising their young purposes. These hives are fabricated in traditional as well as modern designs to cater distinct requirements of clients.
Toon Wood Beehives -
Our Toon Wood Beehives is scientifically designed on the principle that bee space is termed as Movable Frame Hive. A bottom board is fixed at the lower most part of the bee hive, that acts as base with slanting bottom and an entrance rod.
  Beehive with Frame and Inner Cover -
Beehive with Frame and Inner Cover is also equipped with a rectangular wooden plank that has an inner cover with a rectangular opening in the center. A rectangular box known as a Brood chamber that is well equipped with 8 to 10 hanging frames.
Miniature Beehives -
Miniature Beehives is mainly used for the purpose of storing and ripping honey by the bees. Honey is processed from honey bees, tree buds and related botanical sources.
  Covered Beehive -
Covered Beehive is available in various sizes and dimensions to cater distinct needs of clients. It is capable to meet international standards of quality and standards.